I had an account before, but it won't let me login?

No worries, you just have to reset your password, go here and click forgot your password, follow the instructions and you'll be back into your account in no time!  Don't have access to your old email address?  No worries, give us a call 231-882-4431 or send us an email at cherryjerry@cherryhutstore.com and we can change your email address so you can reset your password.

How do I ship to multiple addresses?
1) If you would like to place an order to multiple different recipients you MUST first make an account. You are not able to check out as a "guest" and ship to multiple addresses. 
It is a quick process and once you create an account all your addresses will be saved for future use the next time you place another order. Create your Account Here.

2)  Once you have created an account, you have to add the items individually so they are separate. Do not add them all at once.  If you want to order 3 Best of Benzie Boxes and ship to 3 different addresses, you have two options:

You can add 1 Best of Benzie to your shopping cart, click continue shopping, then add 1 more Best of Benzie to your shopping cart, click continue shopping, and then add 1 more Best of Benzie to your shopping cart.  (Do not select (3) Best of Benzie and then add it to your cart, it will not allow you to ship them to separate addresses).

Or you can g
o to the Gift Boxes Page and click on Add to Cart from there, it will add to your cart and keep you on the page where you can then click Add to Cart again and another Gift Box will be added to your cart

Once you are in your shopping cart you can click on shipping address and complete the process.  When you add the address once, it will always be there.  Fill out the addresses accordingly and then checkout.  

3)  You have three options for choosing delivery dates.

1.  Ship Now - We will ship your package as soon as we can
                             (usually within 72 hrs or less)
2.  Christmas Delivery - Your package will arrive approximately
                                                a week before Christmas

3.  Deliver Close To - You then can pick a date, not any earlier
                                          than 10 days out, and we will do our best to hit close to that date, please keep in mind that 
                                          FedEx Home delivery does not deliver on Sundays and Mondays.

We are always available to help by phone at:  231-882-4431 or by email: cherryjerry@cherryhutstore.com

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