The Terrific Triple (#36)

Three times the fun in this great gift box! Includes Cherry Hut perfected Dried Cherries in three delicious varieties! Plain, Milk Chocolate and Dried Cherry Nut Mix make this the perfect way to say you care! This gift box is so good you may find the need to send it to yourself! It's okay, we just assume that you are going to "hand it out." Be careful, if you do decide to hand it out, we have it on good information that once the gift givers receive the box, it somehow becomes a terrific two...the usual bag that goes missing? The Milk Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries....

The Terrific Triple includes the following fine Cherry Hut Products:

1 - 1 lb. Bag of Dried Cherries
1 - 1 lb. Bag of Milk Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries
1 - 1 lb. Bag of Dried Cherry Nut Mix

  • $44.95


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