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Jams, Preserves, & Jellies all come in 1/2 pint 10 ounce net weight tapered glass jars and contain no artificial flavoring or preservatives. Some recipes date back to the 1940's. Please select any three of the following items. Scroll over the product name for a picture and description.

  • 1 jar Cherry Berry Jam A tasty blend of whole tart cherries and red raspberries.  A newer addition to our cherry jam line and very popular. uploads/product/cherry-berry-jam.jpg
  • 1 jar of Tart Cherry Jam (Reduced Sugar) Same recipe as our Original Tart Cherry Jam, but with about 60% less sugar.  It has a true tart cherry taste. uploads/product/tart-cherry-jam-reduced-sugar.jpg
  • 1 jar Sweet Cherry Conserve A unique blend of black sweet bing cherries and ground pieces of oranges, lemons, and pecans.  A jam spread or can be used as a garnish.  One of the original 5 jams being produced since the 1940's. uploads/product/sweet-cherry-conserve.jpg
  • 1 jar Sweet Cherry Jam Made with crushed black sweet bing cherries.  A strong seller, however tart products outsell our sweet cherry products about 2:1. The black sweet cherries are great fresh off the tree, but the tarts are what people are more familiar with and what are normally in pies and jams.  One of the original 5 jams produced by the Cherry Hut's Jam Kitchen. uploads/product/sweet-cherry-jam.jpg
  • 1 jar Tart Cherry Jam Made with crushed tart cherries.  Tastes the same as Tart Cherry Preserve, but has smaller pieces of cherries and is less chunky.  One of our top 3 jam sellers. uploads/product/tart-cherry-jam.jpg
  • 1 jar Tart Cherry Preserve Made with whole tart cherries.  Our pies are made with these same cherries.  Year in and year out one of our top 3 sellers.  A member of the original 5 jams produced every few weeks since 1946.  uploads/product/tart-cherry-preserve.jpg
  • 1/2 Pint Honey Benzie County star thistle honey from the Jones Farm. uploads/product/1-2-pint-honey.jpg
  • 1/2 Pint Maple Syrup A 1/2 Pint of Northern Michigan's finest maple syrup.  This is the real stuff.  Straight off the Putney Farm in Benzonia, MI. uploads/product/1-2-maple-syrup.jpg
  • 3 oz. Cherry Coffee Contains 2 : 1.5 oz. bags of ground cherry  coffee.  Cherry flavored coffee made in Northern Michigan.  Coffee drinkers love this one. uploads/product/3-oz-cherry-coffee.jpg
  • 3 oz. Chocolate Cherry Coffee Contains 2 : 1.5 oz. bags of ground chocolate cherry coffee.  Cherry coffee with a hint of chocolate.  A tasty brew that brings people back for more. uploads/product/3-oz-chocolate-cherry-coffee.jpg
  • 6 oz. Dark Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries Contains 2 : 3 oz. zip locked bags of dark chocolate covered dried cherries.  Popular from day one! uploads/product/6-oz-dark-chocolate-covered-dried-cherries.jpg
  • 6 oz. Dried Cherry Nut Mix Contains 2 : 3 oz. zip locked bags of a wonderful blend of our dried tart cherries mixed with colossal roasted cashews, pecans, and almonds.  More popular every year... uploads/product/6-oz-dried-cherry-nut-mix.jpg
  • 6 oz. Milk Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries Contains 2 : 3 oz. zip locked bags of the finest milk chocolate covered dried cherries you will find.  Always a crowd pleaser! uploads/product/6-oz-milk-chocolate-covered-dried-cherries.jpg
  • 6 oz. Premium Dried Cherries Contains 2 : 3 oz. zip locked bags of plump and moist dried tart cherries.  Great for a quick snack or tossed in salads, cookies, or muffins. uploads/product/6-oz-premium-dried-cherries.jpg
  • 8 oz. Cherry Jerry's Chewy Sour Cherries Contains 2 : 4 oz. zip locked bags of soft and chewy cherry candies.  Starts sour and then turns sweet.  Everyone is crazy over these yummy delights.   uploads/product/8-oz-cherry-jerrys-chewey-sour-cherries.jpg
  • Black Raspberry Jam A chunky spread made with whole black raspberries.  Contains medium sized seeds. uploads/product/black-raspberry-jam.jpg
  • Blackberry Jam Made with whole blackberries.  The blackberries break down in the cooking process resulting in a evenly spreadable product.  Contains medium sized seeds. uploads/product/blackberry-jam.jpg
  • Blueberry Jam Made from Michigan blueberries.  Contains small seeds. uploads/product/blueberry-jam.jpg
  • Peach Jam Made from chopped pieces of peaches.  A sweet and chunky spread. uploads/product/peach-jam.jpg
  • Red Raspberry Jam Made from whole red raspberries.  The raspberries break down in the cooking process allowing it to spread evenly over toast.  Contains medium sized seeds. uploads/product/red-raspberry-jam.jpg
  • Seedless Black Raspberry Preserve Made from a hard to find black raspberry seedless puree.  Spreads smooth like a jelly.  Those who have had it know this is as good as it gets.  Delicious. uploads/product/seedless-black-raspberry-preserve.jpg
  • Seedless Red Raspberry Preserve Made from a red raspberry seedless puree.  Great for those who like red raspberries but don't like seeds.  Has a thick jelly like consistency. uploads/product/seedless-red-raspberry-preserve.jpg
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