Cherry Pie

Yes, we do ship our Cherry Pies!

Please call 231-882-4431 and we will help arrange a shipment to you, leave a message and we will get back to you!


Our Cherry Pies are famous for being juicy and flaky which makes shipping a tricky endeavor. Cherry Jerry has put forth his full effort into making sure your pie is packaged just right. However, he has no control over how it is handled during the shipping process. Please understand that it may not arrive in picture perfect condition. He is leaving it up to his wonderful Cherry Hutters to decide if this is worth the purchase price. No refunds will be given.

Cherry Jerry said it shouldn’t be done. You said you wanted it. We shipped it. We have done everything possible to make sure that your pie arrives whole, but we don’t control the trucks that brought this to you, so while we don’t offer refunds on our shipped pies, we do offer solutions in the rare case that your pie arrives damaged.

1) Cherry Pie Ala Mode is ice cream with Cherry Pie. Well if your pie arrives damaged, just use your ice cream scooper to get the pie out and put the pie in a bowl and put the ice cream on top of the pie.
2) Use a spoon to eat your pie, still tastes delicious, Cherry Jerry has eaten many pies this way (you should see the training weeks at the cherry hut, it's an art to cut a good slice, but the pie always tastes good.
3) Cherry Pie Shake. Take pie, add to blender, add ice cream and yogurt, blend and enjoy. Okay, this one is not endorsed by Cherry Jerry and really anybody who enjoys our pies, but we wanted to give you some options.

IT STILL TASTES GOOD! We baked this the same day it was shipped. Please eat within 2 days of arrival, if not refrigerate if you must wait longer.

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